Laguna Beach Weather, Temps, Average Rainfall


Laguna Beach, Calif.—The ocean setting provides not only inspiration, but comfort as tourists from around the world come to visit this beach destination known for its fine weather. Located in Orange County, California, the weather is what first attracted painters to the inspiring beaches where mountains, meadows, and canyons run their course to the sea.

The weather in Laguna Beach is Mediterranean in its feel, though a new word should be created to describe California coastal climate, which we think is the best in the world. Not everyone agrees. Many tourists expect hot summer days and warm ocean temps, only to find out the oceans seldom top 70 degrees and the air temperatures even during the summer months can hover in the low to mid-7os. For those seeking who like it hotter in California there's a simple answer—move inland. Laguna Beach is on the ocean and for that, you'll normally find mellow weather. Bring jackets, any time of year!

The highest recorded temperature in Laguna Beach was 108F in 1963 and the lowest recorded temperature was 21F in 1949.


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