Lodi, CA Weather


Lodi, California weather provides the experiences of seasons, minus the snow as the winter months seldom dip below 37 degrees low on average. There are only two months where you'll find temps in the 30s at night, and most the time the evenings provide enjoyable, cool sleeping weather year-round.

The most pleasant time to visit and enjoy temperate conditions with highs only around the 70s are February through April and then in the fall around November - December.

Lodi weather is ideal for particular types of grapes used in wines. There are around 30 wineries and vineyards around the region and when feel the weather conditions, Think Wine.

The highest recorded temperature was 111F in 1961 and the lowest recorded temperature was 11F in 1949.

When you go, there are slight seasonal fluctuations that require packing just slightly different depending on the season. In the summer you'll need some lightweight clothing and maybe a jacket, while in winter you should count on it being colder and requiring more clothing. Dressing in layers even in the winter months is our best advice.


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