Los Angeles Weather Temperatures, Rainfall

Los Angeles, Calif.—It's important that millions of tourists know what the weather is like in Southern California and especially in L.A. where they'll be visiting all the hot spots such as the Hollywood walk of fame, celebrity home tours, Universal Studios Hollywood, and the beaches such as L.A.'s Muscle Beach in Venice.

Southern California has grown so quickly and is so popular because of its weather. It has some of the best climate in the world, and once you experience it, you may not want to ever leave.  From New Year's Day when the sun has shown over 90% of the time and the weather can often reach 75 degrees, to the summer when the sun shines and weather often can reach 77 degrees, the differential between winter & summer is slight, and sometimes tourists ask, "Where's the seasons?" 

Rainfall is minimal by most standards and though you may arrive to rain, it usually doesn't last long. In July, there's usually no rain the entire month and really very little rain throughout the year. Most days are sunny throughout the year but there is a phenomenon known as June Gloom. It is an overcast condition where the sun breaks through late in the day. June Gloom can be just a few days or it can last for a week. It often happens in May & June.


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