Morro Bay Weather Information

Morro Bay in California's Central Coast region enjoys mild temperatures all year round. The cooling effect of the Pacific Ocean currents from Alaska provide enjoyable, nice summers with the daytime high temperatures seldom rising above 70 degrees. Winter daytime highs average on the coldest month approx. 62 degrees and the night time lows average between 42 on the coldest winter nights and 53 degrees on summer nights.

Rainfall averages are greatest in the months of December through March with the month of February generally experiencing the most rain — up to 4 inches, though its usually more in the range of 3.7 inches in a month.

For those who prefer a cool wind to a hot breeze, Morro Bay is a great option for a vacation. In fact, be sure to take a jacket most any time of year as the winds that come off the ocean each afternoon can make even a summer day feel a little chilly!


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