Ojai California Weather, Temperature Averages & Rainfall


When visiting Ojai, the climate of this Ventura County city is quite interesting. When the weather is warm, you need only drive out of the valley and watch the temperature gage drop by 10 to 15 degrees. Of course the mountains in which Ojai is located block those cool ocean breezes from arriving on many summer days.

But in the winter, the weather can be quite cool, requiring a jacket. The greatest variance in the daytime temps and night time offer about a 30 degree differential. That means that even on the hottest of days when the average temperatures are around 90 degrees in July - August, or when the above average temps can reach 112, it's likely that you'll still find pleasant blanket weather at night.

As for rainfall, Ojai experiences close to 20 inches of rainfall per year, and most comes in the month of February. While the region is ideal for grape growing and wine production, the area still must utilize irrigation methods for watering the acreage filled with farms growing fruits & vegetable crops.

When you go, expect a range of weather from warm to cool, and plan to take layers of clothing such as tank tops and shirt sleeves, sweaters, sweat shirts and jackets. That should be just about perfect since Ojai is known for its casual attire, even in the finest restaurants.


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