Pacific Grove Weather


Pacific Grove Average Annual Mean Temp: 56.5 degrees Annual Rainfall: 18.52" average Annual Humidity: 68.7% average

Pacific Grove is one of the damper climates along the California Coast, and many say they couldn't live in this wonderland of pines, rocky beaches and sand dune views because of the fog that often hangs an lingers for days on end.

While Southern California coastal beaches are described as Mediterranean in weather, Pacific Grove and beaches to the north are cooler, get more rain than their southern counterparts, and enjoy cooler summers, which many tourists and residents actually prefer. With an average summer temp that seldom goes above 71 degrees, you definitely will want to travel with a jacket, dress in layers, and enjoy strolls where you seldom will sweat.

Pacific Grove's rainiest month, on average, is January where there can be over 4 inches of rain during a normal year. Tourists, convention planners and locals all know that the most predictable time to visit Pacific Grove is August through October. This is the peak travel season for this region.


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