Pismo Beach, CA Weather Temperatures, Rainfall


Pismo Beach, Calif.—Located on California's Central Coast, this coastal destination enjoys cool ocean breezes provided courtesy of the Pacific Ocean that carries a water current south from Alaska and provides cooler temperatures than cities to the south in Los Angeles. On most any given day, you may need a jacket if they winds begin to blow and the chill of the air goes through your clothes. However, summer days at the beach can be warm and pleasant on the sand. Many who don't like the heat prefer visiting Pismo Beach in the summer as it is usually 5 to 10 degrees coolers than Los Angeles. The same is true in the winter, however, making it feel more like a four seasons destination, though you will rarely see freezing temperatures or snow. In any given year, it is unlikely that snow will fall, though the Central Coast and Pismo Beach get a few inches more rain than their Southern California counterparts.

When visiting, be sure to always take a jacket, sweater, and some long pants, socks, shoes, etc. for the chilly nights. Dressing in layers is especially good advice in Pismo Beach where the days can begin chilly, get warm by mid-day and cool back down at night. You'll seldom see rain in June, July and August. That's when the hills turn a burnt brownish gold, just around the wine harvest.


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