Redondo Beach, Ca Weather Temps, Rainfall


REDONDO BEACH, CA—When you're picking a place to visit or live, Redondo Beach has it all, including fantastic weather. Most people like to experience a few warm days each year and will be glad to know that the average daytime high in the month of August peaks around 79 degrees Fahrenheit. How perfect is that?

Winter average highs throughout the nation's coldest months seldom drop below an average of 67 degrees, making for mellow beach weather, described as Mediterranean.  With night-time lows throughout the year seldom dipping below 46 degrees, you'll be hard pressed to see snow or experience an ice storm. Those types of weather events rarely happen. Summer nights bring cool breezes and comfortable 62 degrees lows, so you'll still want a jacket when you go out, and also be sure to have a blanket on the bed when you go to sleep.

Dressing in layers is always the best advice in Redondo Beach. You'll need a short sleeve or sleeveless frock for daytime summer weather, a long sleeve item if it's exceptionally chilly in the morning, and a jacket to keep you warm. Then as the day wears on, you can take off the jacket and 2nd layer which is long sleeve.

With the right clothing and knowledge of the climate conditions, a Redondo Beach vacation can be so pleasant. And as for rainfall, Southern California has many years of drought where you'll rarely see any rain at all but on average, the rainiest months are January and February in which 3 inches is the norm.


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