San Francisco Weather, Average Temps, Rainfall


San Francisco, California— One of the biggest mistakes people make in visiting San Francisco is in thinking that it will be sunny and warm. San Francisco often is just absolutely gorgeous, but those days are mixed with chillier days, fog and some rain which peaks around January at nearly five inches on average.  June through October are San Francisco's months for peak weather that tourists seek, especially when out riding on boat tours to Alcatraz or dining on Hornblower dinner cruises.

Always take jackets with you to San Francisco. The city has beaches that you can enjoy, but the water temperatures are pretty cold and in some spots the waves are turbulent so heed posted warning.  Dress in layers as the days become warm and then the breezes or fog arrives and you chill to the bone if not prepared. San Francisco is one of the most popular places in the world to visit because of its famed fogs, cable cars, hilly vistas and weather. Enjoy it and always bring a jacket so you'll be prepared.

The highest recorded temperature was 103F in 2000 and the lowest recorded temperature was 23F in 1996. January is the average coolest and  wettest month.


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