Santa Barbara, Calif. Weather Temps, Rainfall


Santa Barbara, Calif.— One of the top coastal destinations in California, Santa Barbara has a hard-earned reputation to live up to. It does fulfill the dream in most every front, including the weather.

With an average summertime high of 77 degrees on the hottest days, and the coldest of lows at around 45 degrees in the dead of winter, it is no wonder the city has gained  a reputation as a premier California coastal destination.

Rain barely happens during the summer, especially during the months of May through September. The rainiest month does get just under five inches of rain, which is necessary for the locally grown wine grapes to flourish like they do, and apple crops to d be so delicious in the fall.

While the beach destination won't normally find you baking and looking for a dip in the ocean to cool off, the beach does become inviting in July  through September, when inversions can occur and hot winds are blown off the desert floor or central valley, raising the temps to a record high one year of 108 degrees. Such weather usually only lasts a day or several but when it does, there are plenty of stores where you can purchase lightweight clothing to stay cool. Better yet, pack a t-shirt and dress in layers, the best method for always having the right clothes for climate.


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