Santa Maria Weather, Temperature Averages & Rainfall

Santa Maria weather is influenced by coast breezes that flow into the valley known for amazing weather conducive to a variety of crops ranging from strawberries and broccoli to wine grapes.

Santa Maria weather is cooler than nearby inland cities San Luis Obispo and Solvang, and is a highly desirable place to live because of the amazingly pleasant weather that is seldom too hot. Heat spells do occur annually but they generally don't last more that a day or two. One such event occurred in June 2008 and set records at 110 degrees F.

When you visit, take a jacket as days can be slightly cooler than you expect, with cooling at night that is jacket weather year round.

For summers, the casual attire ranges from shorts and shirt sleeves. to tank tops on the hottest days. But almost always at night you'll want something warmer. During the hottest summer months the average temperatures at night are generally no warmer than 54 degrees, blanket weather.

Santa Maria experiences lots of sunshine and from April to October you'll rarely see rain.


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