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Soledad is located in the rich Monterey County California farm belt known as the Salad Bowl. Recognized for its ideal weather for growing crops, the Gabilan mountains offer protection from the overcast fogs, and help to create warmer, dryer conditions.

While the abundant rain that cities enjoy further north don't make it to this area, the region relies heavily on irrigation for its wine crops, vegetables and other produce and farming.

When you visit, the area is sometimes quite windy and cool. Other times it can seem hot. You never can be sure exactly what the weather will offer, though you'll rarely see temperatures rise above 85 in the summer months (July - September) or dip lower than 36 degrees on the coldest winter night. The range in temps and summer heat that has set records at 113 degrees, is needed for wine grapes, though the record heats can harm the crops if measures aren't taken to protect and keep the fields cool enough.

When you go, it's good to always take a jacket, and to dress in layers.


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