Solvang, CA Weather, Rainfall, Temperatures


Solvang, California is considered part of the California Central Coast, though it actually is located approx. 30 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. The reason that is important is because of the summer high temps, averaging 20 degrees higher on average than nearby beach counterparts.

Solvang's weather is the closest things to seasons you'll experience in the region known for its incredibly pleasant climate ideal for growing wine grapes. In the coldest winter months the average daytime temperature highs are around 66 degrees, and during the summer, the average highs are around 93 in August. Nights are incredibly pleasant, dropping down to the low 50s even in the summer, while reaching lows of 39 degree average in December.

Though you'll rarely see snow, some of the coldest nights do dip below freezing, an important factor for crops that are grown in the Santa Maria Valley nearby.

For travelers, the best advice is to always bring a jacket for night, a hat should you decide to venture out to nearby beaches, and in the summer, have some shorts, sleeveless shirts, sundresses for the ladies and girls, and sandals to stay cool during the daytime.


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