Stanton, CA Temperatures, Average Rainfall


Stanton, California is located slightly inland from the Pacific Ocean in Orange County California, making the daytime temps just slightly warmer than the beaches a mere five to 10 miles away. That means that the average daytime temperatures are approx. 8 degrees warmer throughout the summer. Even at that, you'll see the warmest average temperature highs range between 80 and 85 degrees. Not bad at all.

As the next door neighbor to Buena Park with theme parks — Knott's Berry Farm and Pirates Dinner Adventure, plus Soak City, Stanton enjoys access to great entertainment throughout the seasons. Winters are mild and mellow with the average daytime temp in the cold of winter around 69 degrees F.

If you visit Stanton,  bring a jacket just in case the morning is cool, the night is cool, or the day is unusually chilly.

As for rain, January, February and March are the rainiest months, clocking in averages of around 3 inches each. the rest of the year you'll find hardly any rain on average, and in May through October your chances are slim of seeing major rainfall.


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