Temecula California Weather Temps, Avg Rainfall


Temecula California is a mere 30 - 40 minutes from the beaches of San Diego, but a set of mountains makes certain that the weather will be markedly different than the neighboring counterparts. As you head east from Oceanside toward Temecula, you can watch the temperature steadily rise during summer months, with a difference of up to  30 degrees daytime highs.

Temecula's dry, warm summers are the reason that it has become a superb wine growing region. The wine grapes love the climate and the daytime sun and heat, then cool nights make for ooh-la-la wines!

What to expect? If you go in the winter, the days are lovely with a slight chill in the air, and nights are cold (better bring a coat. In December and January you are going to feel temperatures at night close to freezing. Even in the summer, locals say that you just need to wait till late afternoon and you'll discover why people fall in love with Temecula climate. July and August temperatures average 98 degrees during the day, but by night when you go to sleep you'll require a blanket because the temperatures drop down 30 degrees.  Does this sound like a place you'd like to visit? Temecula is extremely popular for weddings in the vineyard, and weather with predictably little to no rain during summer months when wine grapes are typically watered through irrigation systems.


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