Victorville California Weather Temps, Rainfall

Victorville, California in the high desert 85 miles northeast of Los Angeles is located 2,875 feet above sea level. It features four seasons weather with hot summers and desirable warm, dry climate all but a few months out of the year. While winter nights can dip to freezing temps and Victorville does get a tiny bit of snow though seldom any accumulation, the the daytime averages in even the coldest months (December and January) are around 60 degrees.

People like to visit Victorville and enjoy its winters as a break from the Midwest and Eastern states snow and cold.

With less than five inches of rain annually, there's hardly a bad month to visit, as far as rain goes. Rain normally doesn't get in the way of your plans since there is so little of it.

For those who don't do heat very well, the good news is that Victorville's heat is a dry desert warmth that is easier to tolerate and a lot more pleasant than places that experience high humidity. The main rule is to drink lots of water so you don't get over-heated in July and August, the warmest months.


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