Yermo Weather, Temps, Average Rainfall


Yermo is known for Calico Ghost Town, operated by the San Bernardino County Parks as an attraction with a small train ride and authentic ghost town buildings. The weather in this desert area is what you'd expect when you visit. It is seldom cold during the day and in the summer it is usually hot. The average daytime temperature by the time July arrives is a whopping 105 degrees, though you can look for the weather to cool down in September to an average of 95 degrees.

Winters in the desert are unbelievably nice, however, and February through May or October - November provide enjoyable shirt-sleeve temperatures and seldom any rain. In fact, it doesn't rain much in the desert. The annual precipitation is less than 5 inches— the amount some places get in a single storm! If you hate rain and don't mind the heat, Yermo might be the place to check out.


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