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Huntington Beach has a long history of art enthusiasm and professionalism with well established painters, sculptors and artists living in the Orange County city that is perhaps lesser known than nearby art-centric Laguna Beach. But don't let it fool you! Maybe you have to look a little harder to find the gems but there is much great art not to be missed in a town that prefers to brand itself as a surfing Mecca.

Among the notable accomplishments and venues are the founding of an arts non-profit groups instrumental in founding the current Huntington Beach Art Center located in Downtown Huntington Beach, the acquisition of art pieces scattered around the city, and world-class galleries such as Bill Anderson Art Gallery in Sunset Beach.

Though few buildings and relics remain from Huntington Beach's  distant past, art around the city  does depict its history. There are no dominant themes in the city's public art which includes a mix of objects, people, and of course, symbols of the beach.

The public art installations can be summarized fairly easily as this:

4 surf-themed statues & 1 surf themed tile wale and relief. These include Surf Circle, Ultimate Challenge, Duke Kahanamoku and the tike works of Donna Billig.

1 tile wall with history and lifestyle narrative

1 abstract sculpture at City Hall

Bird Mural tiles at city hall salvaged from a demolished Seacliff Shopping Center

2 abstract sculptures in front of Huntington Beach Library - Lady by Inez Owings, and another.

Abstract sculptured spirals & columns at Bella Terra mall courtyard

Huntington Beach's art scene includes 3-4 major galleries: Bill Anderson Art Gallery in Sunset Beach, Windows Gallery at Central Library, and the Huntington Beach Art Center. 

From time to time you will find other galleries open, then close. The city is filled with artists, but not a real strong art shopping district like nearby Laguna Beach.

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