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Redondo Beach Giant Mural With Life-size Whales

REDONDO BEACH, CA--Laguna Beach artist, Wyland, who has built an empire on the ecology of the ocean, made it his goal some years ago to create whale murals around the globe. His Redondo Beach Whaling Wall depicts 12 migrating whales.

His hope along the way was to involve local communities, inspire kids, and make ocean conservation an issue to be examined. Leaving a reminder about the sea in each place, Wyland has painted over 90 large mural. In California where he is based and has a gallery in Laguna Beach on Coast Highway, the artist sells sculptures, posters, original artwork, and provides a learning experience for all who visit.

Location: Artist Wyland's famous 87' x 622' mural depicting the California gray whale may be viewed on the exterior wall of the AES Redondo Generating Station, 1100 North Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach, California. The mural is one of the artist's largest and most extraordinary works. It was created in 1991 as # 31 in a projected series of 100 life-size murals in 100 different cities around the world by the year 2011.

Wyland is committed to the cause of honoring the great whales and saving our oceans. The annual 10,000 mile round-trip migration of the Pacific Gray Whale from the Bering Sea to the warm lagoons of Baja California and back again to the arctic circle, with their newborn babies alongside, happens every winter and brings the whales close to Redondo Beach's shoreline.

Redondo Sport Fishing offers whale watch and nature excursions. Volunteer naturalists from the American Cetacean Society narrate the three-hour excursions and answer passengers' questions. In addition to Gray Whales, passengers are likely to see dolphins, sharks, sea lions, and a variety of birds. Warm clothing is recommended. Trips leave from the sportfishing pier in Redondo Beach Marina, at 233 N. Harbor Drive. Call Redondo Sport Fishing, 310-372-2111, for charter reservations and information.

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