California Art


Wyland California Whaling Wall List

#1 Gray Whale and Calf
509 Pacific Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, Calif.
Dedicated July 9th, 1981
Repainted 1986, Tiled 1996

#2 Young Gray Whale
Ocean Institute
Dana Point, Calif.
Relocated to R.H. Dana Elementary
45'w x 10' h
Dedicated March 20th, 1982

#12 Laguna Coast
2171 Laguna Canyon Road
Laguna Beach, Calif.
20'w x 24' h
Dedicated February 2nd, 1987

#16 Orcas off Point Loma
The Plunge, Mission Beach
San Diego, Calif.
140'w x 40' h
Dedicated June 29th, 1989

#31 Gray Whale Migration
Redondo Beach, Calif.
586'w x 95' h
Dedicated June 24th, 1991

# 32 Whales
Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, Calif.
(Largest Mural in the World / Guinness Book of World Records)
1280'w x 105' h
Dedicated July 9th, 1992

#60 Spyhopping Gray Whale
Pier 39-Parking Structure Entrance
Beach & Embarcadero Streets
San Francisco, Calif.
52'w x 58' h
Dedicated September 5th, 1994

#63 Life Size Blue Whales
Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, Calif.
180'w x 85' h
Dedicated September 12th, 1994

#64 San Diego Migration
San Diego National Bank
1420 Kettner Boulevard
San Diego, Calif.
160'w x 60' h
Dedicated September 19th, 1994

#68 Pacific Realm
Wyland Studio Gallery
509 South Coast hway
Laguna Beach, Calif.
85'w x 37' h
Dedicated November 6th, 1996

#79 Santa Monica's Marine Life
380 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, Calif.
(Relocated to Santa Monica Pier)
70'w x 10' h
Dedicated August 25th, 1998

100 Hands Across the Oceans

Chaoyang Park,
Beijing, China
2,430'w x 10' h
Dedicated July 21, 2008


#3 Spyhopping
Ranch Palos Verdes, Calif.
20'w x 30' h
Dedicated June 27th, 1984
By Cleveland Armory, Fund For Animals

#20 Gray Whale Migration
Sea World San Diego, Calif.
80'w x 15' h
Dedicated July 9th, 1990

#61 Grays off the San Francisco Coast
Pier 39-Aquarium
Beach & Embarcadero, Streets
San Francisco, Calif.
68'w x 20' h
Dedicated September 5th, 1994

#62 Celebrating Gray Whales
Mann's Chinese Theater
6901 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, Calif.
152'w x 37' h
Dedicated September 12th, 1994

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