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Big Bear Lake Flyboarding

Big Bear Village, California

All guests will sign a waiver and watch a brief safety video to receive admission and an authorized wrist band. Once registration is complete participants will be directed over to Big Bear Marina, which is one block away from the office. At Big Bear Marina participants will meet their instructor at the red tent to get fitted to fly above Big Bear Lake.

Action Aqua Flight invites adventuresome types to try the latest water craze called flyboarding. It allows riders to soar above the water on a flyboard propelled by a Yamaha Waverunner. The flyboard system is different from comparable jet pack rides because it has a simpler apparatus that makes it easier to learn to fly. Action Aqua Flight located at Big Bear Marina is currently the only operator on a freshwater lake in Southern California offering flyboarding. Flyboarding is similar to the devise used in the Ironman movies.

 The flyboard gets its power from the pressure created by the Waverunner that creates enough propulsion to thrust the rider into the air. Flyboard flyers range from five to 15 feet above the water depending on the flyers' comfort and skill level.

The instructor controls the height, and the flyer controls the direction from moving forward, backwards and turns. One of the great things about flyboarding is the person flying determines how to move or turn the flyboard.

The person controls the entire flight. Once they get their groove on they can hover like a helicopter, fly forward like an eagle or spin around like a top.

The high adrenaline activity of hovering over the water is something most people can do. In fact, Action Aqua Flight assures that its guests will fly.

Instructors are trained and certified in first aid and CPR, and each holds an instruction certification through Boat Education and For Hire. Also, the management staff has lifeguard certification. All participants will learn about safety rules before getting onto the flyboard through a brief safety video and personal instruction from the instructor.  

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