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California Drive-Thru Trees

The National Park Service doesn't cut down ancient trees to make drive-thru experiences, but there is a fallen tree you can drive through (left photo) at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park where you'll also find the world's biggest tree. Visitors can drive through the fallen Tunnel Log along the Crescent Meadow Road in Giant Forest. When it fell, the tree stood 275' high by 21' in diameter at the base. The tree's age when it fell has not been determined, but probably exceeded 2,000 years. In addition this Sierra Nevada mountain experience, you can head northwest to Redwood Coast for several real drive-thru trees.

Drive Through Trees in California:

  • Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree ( in Leggett, Calif.
  • Klamath Tour Thru Tree at 430 Highway 169, Klamath, CA. Take 101 North from Arcata and exit at Terwer Valley. Contact Klamath Chamber of Commerce (800) 343-8300
  • Shrine Drive Through Tree at Myers Flat, CA four miles south of the Humboldt Redwoods State Park Visitor Center on the Avenue of the Giants
  • Sequoia Kings Canyon NP Tunnel Tree (

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