Elvis Honeymoon House Palm Springs

Elvis House in Palm Springs

Honeymoon House - Mid Century Modern
1350 Ladera Circle
Palm Springs, CA


Featured as an example of modern architecture in a 1962  the House of Tomorrow was featured in the then-trendy LOOK magazine as the coolest place east of L.A. in the Coachella Valley and Sonoran desert. It sits at the foot of the San Jacinto mountains where rain seldom passes over into the desert region, thus the dry, hot summers and beautiful, summer-like winters. 

One the most popular festivals each year is Palm Springs Modernism Week, which includes tours of great local properties such as the famed Elvis House.

Elvis leased the house in the fall of 1966 for a little over $20,000 / year, per the recommendation of his manager who thought it would provide a great escape for the singer / celebrity to entertain the Hollywood elite.  Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu (aka the  Presleys) planned to marry at the house  poolside. But a television gossip columnist, Rona Barrett, who lived around the corner learned of their plans when she noticed their clans arriving at the rented home.  The couple made a last-minute plan to marry in Las Vegas instead. They returned from their honeymoon to the home where photos were taken of Elvis carrying his bride into the house.

Speculation that the couple conceived their child at the Honeymoon House exists, though there has been no official confirmation of this. Nine months after they were at the house Lisa Marie Presley was born.

The 4-bedroom, 5-bath, 5,000-square-foot home was the height of luxury in 1967, with big windows, 'peanut-brittle stonework,' and an art deco vibe. It includes a pool, tennis court, fruit orchard and a stage. The three floors of the house are designed in four perfect circles. Walls of glass offer views of the Santa Rosa Mountains and the Coachella Valley.

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