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The fashionable resort city of Palm Springs is situated at the base of southern California's Santa Rosa Mountains, just south of Interstate 10, at the westernmost extension of the Sonoran Desert (also called the Colorado Desert). This upscale desert city, sits at the foot of 10,000-foot Mt. San Jacinto, in an area long famous for its hot springs.

While the desert terrain throughout the year normally appears red & brown with dusty hills and mountains, the springtime is a special treat. Blankets of yellow and orange flowers, and a mass of greenery that's seldom seen make Palm Desert a very different looking place.

Hot days are SO hot in the summer months that people generally come out at night to dine, exercise and entertain. Many event are shelved during the summer season because of the desert heat. It doesn't deter locals from their rounds of gold, dips in the pool, or trek to jobs as they survive the 120 degree heat.

Winter is the peak tourist season. Because of those San Jacinto mountains, the rain seldom makes it beyond Idyllwild where you actually may find snow, but on the Palm Springs side of the mountain, you must ride up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway way above the desert floor to experience the cold, white frozen liquid.

In the winter the desert comes to life with shows such as the annual tradition, Palm Springs Follies.

Luxury resorts, golf courses, tennis, and the nearby Joshua Tree National Park are but a few attractions to see when you visit Palm Springs, known for its art & architecture.

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