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Long Beach Wants to Bring Bach Cyclone Racer Ride

How can you bring back the fun the California coast once knew after it's been torn down and built upon? Sometimes you can't, and that's exactly why we celebrate 100 years of the Santa Cruz Beach Wharf, for instance. Pictured (left photo) is a spectacular ride, Cyclone Racer at The Pike” that once existed in Long Beach. The right photo shows a faux ride made of tubing on a bridge overpass at a small commercial complex called The Pike. It does nothing except remind people of Cyclone Racer. In fact, it is such a reminder that some ask, Why can't it be a real ride?”

Long Beach Councilmember & historian, Gerrie Schipske worked with Designer Larry Osterhoudt, who studied the original coaster to recreate an exact replica of the iconic roller coaster. He was able to produce schematics through reverse engineering based on his extensive research of the Cyclone Racer.

Visitors currently can experience visitor experience that currently includes Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach Convention Center, Queen Mary, boat & whale watching tours, and the renovated Long Beach Arena which is decorated with the largest Wyland Whaling Wall in the world! 

Office of Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske: (562) 570-6932,

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