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Authors Joel & Nathan Anderson
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Book Review by Debbie Stock

The magnificence of Yosemite National Park's famed Half Dome, and majesty of the world's tallest trees in Redwood National Park are but a few of the 59 iconic attractions in the National Park System (NPS). Celebrating its 100th year in 2016, a must-see book shines a light on this national treasure formed in 1916 to secure the history, landscape and wildlife of a burgeoning nation. "59 Illustrated National Parks" by Anderson Design Group is a beautiful coffee table book ideal for casual reading or in-depth learning.

Spending five years to create poster images & paintings, compile information and inspirational quotes from park rangers and prominent figures, Anderson Design Group's father-son team of Joel and Nathan Anderson have produced a treasure befitting the subject matter. You can tell when you open the book that great thought and planning went into this labor of love, a worthy tribute to America's most valued places!

Original poster art made in the 1930's WPA (Work Progress Administration) style pops out as you turn the pages. You can purchase the artwork separately if you like, but some have actually taken their book apart and framed the art. Iconic scenes draw you in but you'll notice lots of tidbits -- facts, interesting information, and quotes of inspiration. Here's one of my favorites from a retired park ranger who worked at Yosemite NP:

"I never tired of going to work and looking up at walls of Yosemite Valley. Depending on the season or the time of day, no two views were the same. How fortunate we are as Americans that those who came before us had the wisdom and foresight to preserve and protect this wonderful place. We would be poorer as a nation had they not done so." -- Rick Smith

"59 Illustrated National Parks" honors the nation's great park system as a showpiece that deserves to be the center of attention on coffee tables and road trips to national parks.

Preserved for future generations...

National Park Service began with Yellowstone NP and grew to more than 84 million acres, including 409 sites with 28 different designations such as recreation areas, national monuments, and national parks. "59 Illustrated National Parks" examines the parks located in 27 states, including nine in California. NPS greeted close to 307 million visitors in the year leading up to its centennial.

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