California Authors, Book Reviews

in this section feature California authors and their works. Most books are non-fiction and are especially useful to those interested in California.

Alt, Jeff

Anderson, Bill

Anderson Design Group - Joel & Nathan Anderson

Andrews, Lori

Borrman, Laura Smith

  • Iconic San Francisco Dishes, Drinks & Desserts

Boyer, Don

Chapman, Robin

Choy, Philip

Clark, Wesley H. & Michael B. McDaniel

Davis, Lenard

De Wolfe, Evelyn

Epting, Chris

Fuerte, Luis

Harman, Dianne

Heller, Claudia & Alan

Hellewell, Skip

Henderson, Jason and Adam Foshko

  • CALIFORNIA TIKI-A History of Polynesian Idols, Pineapple Cocktails & Coconut Palm Trees
  • Heywood, Mike

    Hoberg, Donna

    Iverson, Diane

    Johnson, Bob

    Kalafatis, Joanna

    Langs, Richard

    Little, Rich

    Lobb, Charles

    Lorey III, Frank

    Lynch, David K., PhD

    MacDonald, Craig

    Martin, Lance

    Mayer, Robert

    O'Hare, Sheila and Berry, Irene

    Robert Palazzo

    Raugh, Jr., Harold E.

    Riordan, Richard

    Saltzgaver, Harry

    Schweyer, Carmel Barry- and Alvarez, Alycia

    Serato, Bruno

    Shepherd, Kim

    Shueh, Sam

    Smothers, Marcy Carriker

    Sommers,  Art | John Knox and April McDonald-Loomis

    Stapp, Cheryl Anne

    Stern, Michael

    Stock, Ron

    Twain, Mark

    Watson, Lisa Crawford

    Ybarra, Evie

    Zambrano, Mark


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