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David K. Lynch, PhD, Field Guide to San Andreas Fault

Field Guide to the San Andreas Fault by David K. Lynch, PhD

"Field Guide to the San Andreas Fault" should be required reading by government agencies, the media, students, California travelers and anyone else interested in the often misunderstood fault which runs more or less diagonally between the Mexican border and Cape Mendocino. Incredible! Available at:

By C. MacDonald

While Californians sip vintage wines and forge on with their lives, aware of dire warnings about the next big quake along the San Andreas fault, author David K. Lynch helps lessen earthquake jitters with a must-have book, "Field Guide to the San Andreas Fault". The remarkable guide comprehensively provides sensational photos, maps, explanations and illustrations necessary to better understand and comprehend the San Andreas Fault system which runs over 650 miles through 16 California counties.

Painstakingly examined, this unique book explains nearly every aspect of the fault and and the misnomers about earthquakes that have been perpetuated for years. The author transversed the famous fault, enabling him to describe in detail what it's all about.

"Does earthquake weather exist?" Californians call it "shake and bake" when an earthquake occurs during a heat spell. In the authoritative guide based on science and facts, you'll find answers to some of the most common questions about earthquakes.

For 36 million Californians, the evidence is in plain view that San Andreas fault can't be ignored. It has released enormous energy in countless earthquakes ranging in magnitude from tremors to cataclysmic upheavals that have ruptured the Earth's surface. In 1906 it destroyed many of San Francisco's buildings in one of the largest earthquakes in US history. Now the subject of a field guide for travelers, astronomer and planetary scientist David Lynch, PhD, brings its mighty strength to life in a book that takes you to actual spots where you can see how the earth is affected by its force.

The sturdy, spiral-bound manual is a "must" for travelers passing through cities named Parkfield, San Francisco, Hollister, Pacifica, Fort Ross and Palm Springs. This travel companion that's chock full of answers and insights to questions about earthquakes is filled with colorful illustrations, a glossary, and one-day itineraries (complete with precise GPS coordinates). Designed for fearless road warriors driving even a basic car, your owner's manual puts you in charge, equipped to explore the San Andreas fault. Ideal for family outings, trips with pets, a bus full of kids or your Harley motorcycle club, each journey begins and ends at a public park where Lynch suggests you stop to have a picnic and enjoy the scenic beauty that surrounds you in California parks.

Putting 12 tours on your seismic plate, Lynch makes learning fun, and turns travel into a learning experience with his creative approach. The San Andreas fault, which spans 16 counties and nearly one thousand miles from Cape Mendocino to the Mexican Border, offers numerous road stops along the route.

For those who would rather stay home and read about the journey, you'll thoroughly enjoy the author's narrative. In addition to writing, Lynch uses the large telescopes on Mauna Kea, fiddles around with his fiddle and collects rattlesnakes, as well as speaking professionally on a variety of topics ranging from rainbows and the color of the sky to what causes earthquakes.

Field Guide to the San Andreas Fault order information- The book is spiral bound and lays flat for easy reading in the car. It is also available on CD so that people can print out just the route they are taking. Book: $39.95, plus shipping and handling. CD :$19.95, plus shipping and handling. Contact: David K. Lynch, Thule Scientific, P.O. Box 953, Topanga, CA 90290. Tel: (310) 455-3335 Email:

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