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The Bite Me School of Management

Kim Shepherd Book: The Bite Me School of Management

By: Kim Shepherd
With Joanna Sherriff
Decision Toolbox Press,
Book Review: By C. MacDonald

Don't let this fun-titled, little, cute, cleverly-designed, easy-to-read, snazzy management book fool you. Although written in one week, it's actually full of solid, insightful, common sense, understandable, sometimes off-the-wall tips designed to teach managers, executives and anyone else how to take a bite out of conventional thinking to analyze their company and the role they play in it (or out of it).

Reading the wisdom from restaurateur Bobbi's eldest child, former TV reporter turned outside-the-box corporate tycoon Kim Shepherd, will grab your attention and present you with a treasure trove of ideas on how to increase productivity and profit, eliminate expense and solve (or avoid) problems regardless of industry. She'll tell you the incredible advantages of going virtual and how to pull yourself (and your company) up again if your rollercoaster is zooming in a downward spiral.

Using more than 20 years of business experience, including helping turn a $3 million startup into a $100 million corporation, the enthusiastic CEO of Decision Toolbox, a recruitment solutions firm, tells you straightforward, often with a startling sense of humor, how to deal with people, companies, culture, crises and change. You'll learn how a visionary creates a culture and assembles a company around it; how to create work with meaning that fires up employee passion; how to understand Gen Y (who are willing to pay the dues if they're learning and advancing but will not be held back), and how important it is to give back by getting involved with non-profits (Kim's on the board of Girls, Inc. of Orange County and active with United Way, Working Wardrobes, Girl Scouts, the American Cancer Society and many other worthwhile causes).

"Bite Me," which introduces such terms as Cockroach Hunting, Dog with Fleas, Tiger Team and Tsunami Planning, will cause you to think, sometimes think twice, about the company you're in (or planning to join), look at your role in it, and it may help you understand where you're headed (or not). From a personal standpoint, it might be the most valuable management book you ever read.

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