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Belmont Shore's Noisy & Beloved Parrots

Conure parrots are often seen around Ocean Blvd. & 39th Place, Long Beach, CA

Belmont Shore is a destination unto itself, even though it is part of the city of Long Beach California. Among its less obvious treasures and unique stories you discover by sticking around and hanging out by the Belmont Memorial Pier are the bright green parrots. The first time they fly by, you may think that either you have seen an optical illusion, or perhaps you've entered another dimension in the space-time continuum. What snaps you back into reality as you study the skyline to discover what you saw is the loud chirping, almost screeching noise of tropical parrots who travel freely throughout Southern California, sticking around places where they find a balanced diet with just the right kinds of flowers, fruits and nuts to keep them healthy.

Often you will find the parrots living or roosting in trees above Ocean Blvd. near Livingston & 2nd St. in Southern California's popular Belmont Shore. You can hear their sounds when they are around and you can watch the colony of green parrots with bright red spots.
The birds have a long history and relationship with the city, dating back to the mid-1980's. Read more...>

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