California Beaches


Guadalupe Path to Bridge & Beach, California

The shady-tree lined path to the Guadalupe Bridge and beach is really quite a treat. Depending on your mood and imagination on the day you park and wander down that path, you may feel like you're heading into a time warp, or you can feel like you are entering a jungle.

We've observed fox, bobcats, coyotes, opossum and other critters running out of the brush and crossing the path in front of behind us. They are so fast and stealthy, you often miss seeing them.

The path is normally dry and easy to navigate from a pay parking lot, heading to the bridge and dune-swept beach. However, after a rain visitors sometimes must hike up their pants and get shoes wet as the path floods, part of spillover from a small, natural lake.)

The path is mostly dirt, mixed with rocks. Like walking down a tunnel, you can see people approaching in the distance, then becoming larger as they approach. The path is the best method of getting to the bridge and beach, as the thicket that surrounds the path is so dense, few venture into the mass of trees, limbs, bushes, plants, and hidden animals dwelling within those dark, dense spaces where cool comfort resides for the bugs, frogs, rabbits and wildlife.