California Beaches


Mother's Beach, Long Beach California

5255 Paoli Way
Long Beach, CA

Long Beach, California--Mother's Beach in Long Beach's inland Marine Stadium area of the city is approx. a quarter mile inland from the sea, providing gentle, shallow waters and roped areas for children to swim and play. Set to sandy beaches filled with shade trees and playgrounds, Mother's Beach overlooks one of the very few marine areas allowing water ski opportunities in and around Los Angeles. The Stadium was built for the 1932 L.A. Olympic Games and has served the community ever since.

Mother's Beach has playgrounds, sand volleyball courts, and a launch ramp for small watercraft--ideal for rowing teams, including the popular dragon boat race rowers who compete in Marine Stadium. Power boats take pleasure cruises around the bay and also bring water-ski equipment for an exciting ride around the marina.

Mother's Beach is an aquatic playground for all ages.

The beach features a parking lot with coin meters and outside the beach are some free parking spaces that require walking a short distance.

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