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Baywood Park California on Central Coast

Baywood Park or Baywood is often associated with Los Osos in the "valley of the bears" for which it was originally named. The Central Coast, San Luis Obispo County beach just south of Morro Bay offers stunning, serene views of two state parks where you can hike, ride bikes, camp and enjoy one beautiful drives in a semi-rural atmosphere. Montana de Oro State Park to the south and Morro Bay State Park to the north both provide recreational activities throughout the year.

Beautiful Baywood Park's fate could have been drastically different if things had taken another turn. Surveyed in 1889 to become part of a coastal rail line the plans never materialized, and now, visitors relish this paradise of incredible beauty. In terms of practical matters, Baywood Park combined with the community of Los Osos for necessities such as government regulations and operations, utilities and infrastructure.

Nature surrounds you in this San Luis Obispo County community with its parks and outdoor recreation such as kayaking, fishing, boating, hiking, and bird watching at Morro Bay Bird Sanctuary. Be sure when you visit not to miss the stunning Los Osos Oaks State Natural Reserve with dune-covered centuries-old coastal live oaks. Twisted oaks provide an eerie scene in beds of sand.

Baywood Park has a view of the bay, as its name indicates. There are several bed & breakfast style hotels and the seaside Sea Pines Golf Resort which offers a unique program of stabling horses for beach horseback, or a golf program that allows you to play one of six great golf courses.

Among the things to see when you visit is Sweet Springs Nature Preserve. It includes a natural pond system, a 24-acre preserve in the Baywood Park back bay, once known as The Townsite of Sunshine Beach. In the winter months (Oct. - March) you'll often see clusters of Monarch butterflies.

Sweet Springs is popular for its trails through Monterey cypress and eucalyptus trees. Leading to two freshwater ponds and surrounding a salt marsh, the preserve trail access is available on the north side of Ramona Ave. between Broderson and 4th St.

A friendly chamber of commerce offers information about visits and stays in the area (

Things to do include Farmers Markets, summer concerts and a fabulous Oktoberfest celebration.

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