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Exeter is not a large city in California's Central Valley, nor is it very wealthy. But its rich roots that stem from the local harvests that once dotted the flatland and hills framed by the Sierra Nevada mountains provide inspiration.

Once a thriving epi-center of the citrus industry that some said produced the sweetest oranges gave the city its moniker, "Citrus Capital of the World". Today, farms continue to grow citrus, nuts, fruits, and other produce, and a portion of the population works in the farming industry or related services. Nearly 20% of the population income ranks below the poverty line, due to the nature of local farming.

In recent years the city and Exeter Chamber of Commerce have worked hand in hand to create a tourist-friendly destination. With few hotels and a transitory crowd passing through the area on their way to the mountains to see the world's biggest trees, camp in the forests and and stay in the midst of a national forest, it's a tough sell getting folks to stop and stay in Exeter. Receiving the title as "One of America's Prettiest Painted Places", Exeter gained recognition for its mural project that painted many of the downtown exterior walls with a variety of interesting scene that have attracted tourists to the region. To date there are around 30 murals and certainly more planned when space becomes available.

Exeter is located on State Highway 65, 2 miles south of Highway 198 and 15 miles east of Highway 99. The popular route nearly equal distance from both L.A. and and San Francisco is only 30 minutes from the entrance to Sequoia National Park. The national park offers Exeter's biggest, best chance to capture the interest of tourists on the road.

Exeter's city leaders are determined to retain our small town charm while making room for conservative growth. Exeter has a variety of antique stores, specialty shops, services, restaurants, lodging and a long tradition of annual events and festivals.

While passing through do stop to see the murals and maybe plan your visit during special events such as Exeter Fall Festival held in October. The fest includes a pancake breakfast, car show, run, parade, pumpkin carving contest, entertainment and oozes with small town charm. The people of Exeter are hospitable and have great pride in their community. You'll notice it when you visit the murals and drive around the small city, looking at its historic buildings such as a Carnegie Library building from the early 1900s.

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