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Lee Vining in the heart of Inyo National Forest is located in Mono County. It serves as one of the major cites/towns providing hotel accommodations, dining and a variety of resources for those wanting to see the famed Yosemite mountains, waterfalls and Mono Lake shown in the photo. Other nearby attractions to this Eastern Sierra destination include Bodie Ghost Town. Strategically located a mere 40-45 minute drive from Mammoth Lakes, it also is just over a 90 minute drive to Yosemite National Park and village. The state of Nevada is approx. 30 miles east of Lee Vining.

LEAF PEEPING - Known as a top U.S. destination to see fall foliage, there are many great hotels to park yourself for a few day's stay so you can take your time enjoying the splendid drives. Among the finest leap peeping drives and locations for taking pictures, be sure to check out these fall color attractions: Conway Summit, Virginia Lakes, Sonora Pass, Rock Creek, McGee Canyon, Mammoth Creek, June Lake Loop, Lundy Canyon. All locations mentioned are easily driven to and offer footpaths or hiking trails.

MONO LAKE TOURS - You might also want to stick around for taking a guide tour or renting a kayak or boat and visiting Mono Lake and the Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve. The lake is estimated to be well over 500,000 years old and probably several hundred-thousand years older. Check out to obtain information about summer tour schedules and sign-ups.

CAMPING - When you go, be sure to book ahead in the popular seasons so you are not left without accommodations, though there are many camps and camping facilities, as well, mostly operated through Camp locations include: Mono Lake Ranger District June Lake Loop Big Springs Campground, Glass Creek Campground, Gull Lake Campground, Hartley Springs Campground, June Lake Campground, Lower Deadman Campground, Oh Ridge Campground, Reversed Creek Campground, Silver Lake Campground, Upper Deadman Campground, Lee Vining/ Mono Lake, Aspen Campground, Big Bend Campground, Ellery Campground, Junction Campground, Lower Lee Vining Campground, Moraine Campground, Saddlebag Lake Campground, Sawmill Walk-in Campground and Tioga Lake Campground.

The region has snow in the winter so many of the guided tours and hikes only take place in the summer months. In the winter, people head to the mountains for skiing and snow sports at nearby June Mountain. The winter training ground for athletes and snow mecca transforms in the summer to a green mountain version of the white winter destination.

BODIE GHOST TOWN- The best preserved ghost town in the U.S. was built in the 1870s. Be sure to visit and wander past buildings once serving a mining camp.

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