Northern California


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Northern California is marked by cooler winters, more rain and introduction of a new mountain range, the Cascade mountains that cross the state of California border into Oregon.

Cities and places in Northern California contain the major population hubs of San Francisco and San Francisco. Further north, however, the population thins tremendously and the region becomes less populated and generally more rural.

The tallest redwood trees in the world are located in northern California on the coast, which exceeds over 40 inches of rain annually, but rarely any snow. The Pacific Ocean is quite cool in the region, barely topping the low 60s in the summer months.

Redding is one of the largest inland cities in Northern California, and is near the Houseboat Capital of the World on Lake Shasta.

Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park an hour's drive from Redding is a stunning example of the geologic formations formed by lava flows from an exploding volcano.

Northern California Natural... Northern Calif. features majestic mountains, the world's tallest redwood forests, lakes for fishing & house boating, and weather! If you love the great outdoors, drive trips through North. California are spectacular for camping, hikes, and so much more.

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