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Redding, California's Beautiful Outdoors

One of the nation's most beautiful, expensive, and architecturally interesting bridges can be found in Redding, California. The Sundial Bridge is a walking bridge costing over $18 million to build. It spans the river shown in the photo and is one of the highlights to a visit to Redding, California.

The anchor to two other attractions, Turtle Bay Aquarium and McConnell Arboretum & Gardens at Turtle Bay Exploration Park, the complex provides interactive exhibits, a cafe, gift shop, gardens, and a bicycle and walking trail. During the summer it is the hot sport for the big 4th of July celebration and other events that draw thousands to celebrate the beautiful weather and great outdoors of the region that is surrounded by majestic mountains.

Getting there: Take Interstate 5 exit at Central Redding Exit 678, then Hwy 44 West to Auditorium Drive (Exit 1). Turn right to Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

Located in the Houseboat Capital of America (and possibly the world) just being in Redding makes you want to spend time outdoors. Fishing, swimming, hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, houseboating, and exploring the caves at nearby O'Brien, actually lure travelers from around the globe to stop and stay at this northern California city with so much to offer.

Located along I-5, it is on the busy route between the Mexico border and Oregon, California's neighbor to the north. Stopping and staying in Redding is a just a natural thing to do for road trips, but you can also fly into the city on direct flights via Alaska Air.

Nearby - Shasta Lake, home to a fantastic cave tour, is 12 miles north of Redding on Interstate 5. The largest manmade lake in California features over 365 miles of shoreline overlooking Mount Shasta. The average water temperature is 77 degrees and the maximum depth of the lake is 517 feet. Whitewater rafting abounds near Redding in the Shasta Cascade Wonderland with a variety of challenges from class one to five.

National parks within an hour to 90 minutes include Lassen Volcanic National Park. While many roads are closed during the winter, be sure to check out the summer hiking, camping, or even just a drive through the park. You won't regret it.

Burney Falls State Park is a natural waterfalls with water that seems to gush & rush right out of the hills. It's loud, alive, and refreshing.

Shasta Dam just a short distance outside Redding offers tours into the depths of the concrete structure via an elevator. Just making the drive to the dam makes one appreciate the massive forces of nature, and the innovation of humans to build a structure to collect snowmelt from the mountains, then save, and channel it.

When you visit Redding, you can get some great tips to plan a trip through Redding Convention & Visitors Bureau,

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