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Santa Fe Springs in Los Angeles County is known for its business-friendly atmosphere. As a result, you'll see lots of industrial facilities and factories. However, the city does have a major residential component providing housing somewhat affordable for Southern California, and close to the mega-business centers such as Los Angeles, only 15 miles distance up the 710 (Long Beach) Freeway.

Santa Fe Springs is neat the 605 and 710 freeway intersection, making it easily accessible to most of Southern California, in fact.

With over 50 percent of the population speaking Spanish as their first language, the cultural aspects of Santa Fe Springs include many markets and restaurants reflecting local preferences, cultures and culinary tastes.

The city that includes state of the art technologies also retains landmarks of the past with historic structures that early residents built. Several places you can visit include:

Clarke Estate
Hathaway Ranch Museum
is a private museum and grounds hold farming, ranching, and oil drilling equipment from the late 19th to the mid-20th centuries. (
Heritage Park is a landscaped six-acre reconstructed ranch estate from the late 1800s. Heritage Park 12100 Mora Drive (562) 946-6476 Heritage Park is a beautifully landscaped six-acre reconstructed ranch estate from the late 1800s. A Carriage Barn houses a museum. There's a railroad exhibit featuring an 80 ton locomotive. Tours are provided on Wednesdays and Thursdays for ages 8 years and older.
Historical Railroad Exhibit pays tribute to local railroad history, this exhibit demonstrates through equipment, buildings and signage the importance of the railroad to the Southern California region.

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