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Stockton is located in the Central Valley and as the largest city in San Joaquin County, it has a lot going for it. In addition to having one of California's deep water ports, the city celebrates its nautical culture with an annual Christmas boat parade in December.

One of the highlights for visitors (in addition to this colorful and festive event) is the Stockton Asparagus Festival which attracts over 100,000 attendance during its weekend run in April. The 3 day festival includes Asparagus Food Alley with deep fried asparagus and asparagus ice cream, concerts and stage entertainment, and unique attractions ranging from stunt dogs to dolphins. There's an asparagus run held in conjunction with the event, vendor booths, and beer or margaritas sold. See: Asparagus Fest for details.

Stockton Arena is the showplace for great entertainment ranging from home games for the Stockton Thunder ice hockey team to the concerts featuring top acts.

The historic 1930 Fox Theatre is a jewel to experience when you visit Stockton. The building was purchased in 1979 to save it from planned demolition and investor efforts paid off. Fox Theatre was placed on the National Register of Historical Places. Today it is one of only two movie palaces left in the Central Valley.

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