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Volcano, California

Daffodil Hill in Volcano, Calif. Hundreds of thousands of daffodils in bloom around March-April.

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18310 Rams Horn Grade
Volcano, California

Direction: From Sutter Creek - 12 miles
Take Old Highway 49; turn East on Gopher Flat Road. Drive approximately 3 miles, and turn left on Shake Ridge Road (third stop sign. ) Go approx. 9 miles on Shake Ridge Road to Rams Horn Grade. You have arrived!

As you drive down country roads in anticipation of the spring bloom of daffodils in Volcano, the journey truly rewards you with the fresh look and feel of trees budding, butterflies flittering and other signs and signals of winter's departure.

Volcano is located approx. 30 minutes from Sutter Creek and is a pleasant drive in which you may be rewarded with the viewing of four acres of bright yellow and white daffodils at Daffodil Hill. Privately owned, the farm through the years has attempted to keep a tradition going that delights locals and tourists. The estimation of daffodils blooming ranges between 300,000 and 400,000 -- nearly half a million flowers!

Guests can park and wander along paths, take pictures at this beautiful Volcano farm that has been in the McLaughlin family since 1887.

On our visit some years ago there were peacocks wandering and gracing new arrivals with their brilliant blue feathers, adding to the delight of this low-key, out of the way place that is so beautiful to see. The daffodil tradition dates back to 1887, with Eastern (New York and Ohio) arrivals Arthur and Lizzie planting the first daffodil bulbs at their alpine-like farm with sits at an elevation of 3,000 feet in the Sierra mountains.

Accommodations are scarce, but you can make Sutter Creek your base camp during a trip. You'll find several hotels and B&B lodgings there.

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