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JACKSON: Tailing Wheels Park:

Home to the historic Kennedy Tailing Wheels, these engineering marvels were Tailing Wheels Parkused to move tons of waste rockTailing Wheels Parkfrom the Kennedy Gold Mine to a tailingsarea on theother side of a ridge where they were impounded to prevent silting and pollution of waterways and downstream agricultural areas. Built in 1912, two of the original four tailing wheels stand today. The park includes a kiosk explaining how the system worked, picnic tables and many viewing points for the tailing wheels and scenic vistas in the area.
In 2010, a periodic inspection of the same wheel revealed it would collapse within 10 years if not protected from the elements. Therefore, in 2011, the city formed the Save Wheel #4 Committee to raise funds and develop plans to preserve the wheel and refurbish the Kennedy Tailing Wheels Park.

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