California Centennial Cities 2015


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2015 Centennials in California

Amador City June 2, 1915
AMADOR CITY: Incorporated on June 2, 1915. Population less than 200, elevation 919'. States smallest city by land area 0.314 sq mi. Population Amador Schoolhouse Front part either dates from 1857 or late 1864. Back wing dates from late 1878 to early 1879. Two large classrooms in the new part and two smaller rooms in the older front part handled 150 or more students with five teachers during peak years. A special registry kept of former students has an entry for a graduate in 1909. This building is now City Hall, the Community Center.

Delano Apr. 13, 1915
DELANO: Delano was founded on July 14, 1869 as a railroad town. The name was officially given by the Southern Pacific Railroad in honor of Columbus Delano, at the time the Secretary of the Interior for the United States. The first Post office opened in 1874. Delano incorporated in 1915. Centennial events include a gala held in January, musical events in February, a city walk March 28, and a kick-off event in Cecil Park on April 13. There will be a weeklong celebration including a melodrama, parade, more events at Cecil Park, and fireworks. The Delano Downtown Breezeway Project is timed to coincide with the City's Centennial in 2015 featuring painted cultural murals in the downtown breezeway area on Main Street between 10th and 11th Avenue. The project will help foster a sense of community identity and pride in Delano and its rich history. The events will culminate with a grand parade, and the installation of two specially created murals on the walls of a breezeway connecting Main and Jefferson Streets, in the block between 10th and 11th Avenues.

Gustine Nov. 11, 1915
GUSTINE: 99 feet elevation. Merced County July 30 Sept. 27: Centennial Celebrations: El Nido School and Gustine City From the Eastside to the Westside, Merced County is observing two important centennial celebrations. Completed in 1915, the old El Nido Schoolhouse has served as the heart and soul of this unincorporated town for a century. City of Gustine continues to be the dairy center of Merced County as its city seal illustrates.

Seal Beach Oct. 27, 1915
SEAL BEACH: A City-wide celebration! October 27, 2015 will be the 100 year mark for the City of Seal Beach! Seal Beach is located in Orange County, California and once had a beach amusement park.


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