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Wow Auto Show Creates Fond Memories

New Location in 2022 it moved to Irwindale Raceway

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By C. MacDonald

Buena Park, CA--More than 21,000 people enjoyed the spectacular Annual Fabulous Fords Forever Show at Knott's Berry Farm recently. They got to see many of the more than 2,100 Ford, Mercury and Lincoln vehicles from 13 states, Canada and Mexico.

Ranging from Model Ts and Model As to Mustangs, Broncos and Thunderbirds, the fun event included getting to talk with Henry Ford III, the great-great-grandson of the famous founder as well as Linda Vaughn, The First Lady of Drag Racing and Race Legend Ed Terry.

The endless sea of beautiful cars was really something to behold and the proud owners were more than happy to answer any questions you had.

One of my favorite vehicles was a 1941 Ford Pickup Truck, with flames on its hood and front fenders, an old chest (used as a tool box) in its back and an antique drive-in movie speaker next to its window. How cool is that?

Owned by Joe and Susan Still of Huntington Beach, the treasure was a must-see for many show-goers, who took photos of it and had their own pictures taken alongside it.
Proud Joe said this model was the last one made before World War II and "they were not made again until 1946." After acquiring it five years ago near Temecula, Joe added a 1969 Mustang, 350 horsepower engine. He drives it at least twice a week to the store and probably puts on 2,000 miles a year.

"In the 1960s, I used to spend Summers with my brother-in-law taking cars apart and rebuilding them," said the enthusiastic fellow. "I just loved everything about cars and when I became a police officer, people were amazed how often I'd spot a stolen car. I studied the sheet listing stolen cars in the area and always kept my eye out for them."

His wife, Susan, is fond of going to car shows "because I like to look at other cars. It's amazing what you see and learn."
Their cute grandson, Ben, loves to sit in the 1941 Pickup and play like he's driving.

"Someday, I'm going to teach him how to take a car apart and put it back together," said a beaming Joe. And that's just what the Fabulous Fords Forever show is all about—loving vehicles and passing it along to the next generation.

Presented by Ford Motor Company and the Ford Car Club Council comprised of 44 member clubs, and over 200 club members who volunteer annually. Check out for further information.

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