Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant Avalon, CA


111 Claressa Ave Avalon, CA 90704 (310) 510-1772

Avalon, CA -- You don't go to Avalon to eat fine cuisine. And you're seldom going to discover the finest of any type of food served on the island.

Mi Casita is consistent, however in providing Mexican lunches and dinners, and when you're on the island, that's good enough.

Margaritas and a full bar offer lots of drinks & beers to start you on your way to a merry day. They go well with the chips & salsa that are served before you order your meal.

We always get taco plates, or enchiladas, and the meals are always served hot with enough quantity to fill you up.

It isn't a Mexican restaurant that will make you declare this is the best you have ever had. It's middle of the road by Southern California standards.

When there are so many corner Mexican restaurants with fresh flour tortillas, heaping fresh chicken breast and flavorful sauces to top a meal, Mi Casita would have a hard time competing. It's the island, the food must be shipped in, and the locals must get tired of tourists at some point and want to leave the island.

We have always had friendly staff and will go back again on our next island trip, simply because the food is reliable.  Prices are affordable to moderate (look for specials or a la carte items if you are trying to save money.)  Or you can always head down the street and around the corner a few blocks to Lobster Trap for the $3 taco.


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