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So Thanksgiving has arrived and you want to try that deep frying method for a quicker cooking turkey with a crunchier texture. Enough people have tried it and caught the bird on fire to cause fire departments to start public awareness campaigns.

Big Bear City is one such place where the FD put together an awesome video to show you the ins and outs of cooking turkey. It is called, Deep Frying Your Turkey the Safe Way, Video to Demonstrate the Do's and Don'ts. Big Bear City Fire Department wants everyone to have a safe holiday season, especially when deep frying a turkey. Fire crews recently went to task to demonstrate how to properly deep fry a turkey, along with a dramatic video on what not to do!

Those wanting to deep fry their turkeys should follow manufacture instructions carefully for measuring oil, oil temperatures, turkey handling, etc. In the video you will see the correct and safe way to cook that turkey in a deep fryer. Then two more turkeys that are not properly prepared are lowered into oil.

The most crucial safety tips are:

1. Be sure to place fryer on non-combustible surface. Do not put fryer on decks, around trees, etc.
2. All deep frying should be done outside.
3. Turkeys must be completely defrosted and patted dry, free from all water.

If a fire does occur:
1. Call 9-1-1 immediately.
2. Use a fire extinguisher to put out any fire.
3. DO NOT USE WATER to extinguish fire.
If you have any questions regarding frying your turkey, please contact the Big Bear City Fire Department.

Please go to and click on the Useful InformationĚ tab to view the turkey frying demonstration video if you are not seeing a video above this message.


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