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An Insider's View of Some Favorite Places to Eat & Drink in Long Beach

Bud knows Long Beach food. Bud knows Long Beach drink. Bud has lived in and around the Long Beach area since the 1960s. He has lived in four different residences in Naples alone as well as in Belmont Shore, El Dorado Park, Lakewood Country Club and other spots. Bud loves Long Beach and knows it so well, we asked him to tell us about 10 of his favorite joints that everyone should try to get a true feeling of this magnificent city. We know there are lots of other fine places but this Bud's for you!


1. CHUCK'S COFFEE SHOP, 4120 E. Ocean
"Home of the Famous Weasel (primary ingredients: scrambled eggs and chili)"

2. JOE JOST'S, 2803 E. Anaheim St.
"Pickled eggs, pretzels and schooner beer"

3. THIRSTY ISLE, 4319 E. Carson St.
"Hot wings, beer and lots of friends"

4. ACAPULCO INN, 5283 E. Second St.
"'A.I." as locals call it is fun for beer and pool"

5. SCHOONER OR LATER, 241 N. Marina
"Get 'The Mess' (scrambled eggs potatoes, cheese and more)"

6. ROSCOE'S, 730 E. Broadway
"It's fried chicken and waffles are out of this World!"

7. ENRIQUE'S, 6210 E. Pacific Coast Highway
"Best tamales around!"

8. FORTY NINER'S TAVERN, 5660 E. Pacific Coast Highway
"Best burger"

9. LEGENDS, 5236 E. Second
"Top Sport's Bar, chicken wings and prime rib sandwich"

10. KELLY's of NAPLES, 5716 E. Second
"Fanatastic steaks and seafood"


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