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San Francisco's Into the Dark

Terror Vault or Apocalypse, 2 interactive, fully-immersive haunted attractions

The San Francisco Mint
88 5th St.
Approx. price (discounts & packages change pricing)
$10 Midway admission for cocktails, food experience
$62 Terror Vault | $35 Apocalypse -- both include Midway access, age 18+,

October 10-13, 2019 | October 15-20, 2019 | October 22-November 3, 2019 | November 8-10, 2019

Attraction lasts approximately 45 minutes in groups up to 12, with tickets available every half hour between 6:30 & 10 p.m.

Into The Dark, a Bay Area production company spawned from the creative, twisted minds of Peaches Christ, David Flower Productions, and Non Plus Ultra, announces Terror Vault - a brand new, fully-immersive and completely terrifying haunted attraction, opening this October at The San Francisco Mint. A combination of theater, haunted mazes, escape rooms, and special effects, this interactive attraction features some of the city's top performers... and screamers! Guests can enter Terror Vault (if they dare!)

In 2019 Apocalypse was introduced. You and your team will make your way through a labyrinth of zombie-infested mazes and rooms, solving puzzles that lead you to the vaccine, while trying desperately not to get infected. A high-tech scanner worn on your arm detects your health and scores your points. Do your part to help save humanity and survive the APOCALYPSE.

Attendees are invited to enjoy a drink at the full liquor cash bar before or after their allotted starting time. The bar will be open every night of the production, with bartenders in full fright attire.

Thrill seekers will discover the untold story and dark history of The San Francisco Mint when they descend into the dark on an unforgettable journey that puts them face-to-face with the despicable horrors that continue to terrorize the storied venue and its vaults. Inspired by the City and The Mint, local producers, designers, artists, and veteran fear experts combine genuine history with modern technological magic to create an interactive haunted experience unlike any other attraction. Terror Vault is an imaginative historical horror come-to-life.

Peaches Christ has been obsessed with going to haunted houses and watching horror movies since childhood, so being able to bring this vision to reality as an adult is beyond exciting.  "I love San Francisco history, especially the dark history, and it's an incredible opportunity to bring something all-new and never done before here to the city - and what better place than in the Granite Lady herself."

This attraction within The San Francisco Mint enables the production team to let creativity run wild, fusing the natural history with the space and the scare factor these old vaults have on their own.  Terror Vault features new technology and veteran tricks of the trade for a terrifying experience unlike any other.

The experience begins after patrons have had a drink in the bar to steel their nerves. Guests of Terror Vault are broken up into small groups and introduced to Tina, their tour guide for the night. Tina leads her unwitting guests down the dark, narrow, back staircase of The Mint where they will begin to interact with a number of terrifying characters who, rumor has it, were once held at a secret prison in the dungeons below ground.

Guests who aren't comfortable interacting with the vault's murderous characters can choose to opt-out anytime by wearing a special neon necklace; the necklace signals to actors that the guest does not wish to interact and allows them to be a passive participant watching the story unfold around them.

In addition to Terror Vault, Into The Dark will also introduce another attraction at The Mint, an interactive game called Dead Zone: Zombie Tag. Dead Zone uses a special technology baked into a small device that players wear on their shirt. The tag displays a green light as long as the player hasn't come into contact with a zombie— but once a player is bit, they've got precious seconds to live! Dead Zone: Zombie Tag will be located on the main level of the building and operational 7-11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays from October 12-November 3. Tickets are $19.95 and available now on Eventbrite. Participants must be 10 or older.

Day of the Dead Procession and Festival of Altars 

November 2, 2019, 4-11 p.m.

Altars viewing 4-11 p.m.
Procession 22nd & Bryant at 7 p.m.
San Francisco, CA

Altar setup 12-4 p.m. Annual procession lead by Rescue Culture Collective at 7pm at 22nd & Bryant Streets, in the Mission District of San Francisco. 
San Francisco Day of the Dead Procession and Festival of Altars is celebrated every year on November 2, Rain or shine! Local groups have been commissioned to build large-scale community altar installations in Garfield Park This is a FREE community event. Family friendly. Alcohol free. Close to 24th street BART.

SOMArts Day of the Dead

Día de los Muertos Exhibit October 11-November 8, 2019

934 Brannan St.
San Francisco, CA

Join artists  as they use DJing and art remixing to create digital murals exploring the intersections of contemporary Latinx life

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