California Lemons


California Lemons

California is the land of lemons-- and we don't mean lemon laws and rotten lemon products that fail you. We're talking nature's best! Be proud, you fantastic lemons and stand up to society. The saying -- when you get lemons (bad things), make lemonade, doesn't properly credit this under-credited fruit. Lemons are a must in any culinary environment. Lemon's acidic qualities help naturally slow the browning process of apples, lemons are used in beverages to help with sinus problems, and lemon juice offers fantastic accents to sweet foods, providing balance that appeals to the taste buds.

Can you imagine life without lemon? Think about what it would be like to not have lemon for your lobster butter. Or what about the cool refresher--a tall, iced glass of lemonade with its sweet, tart taste. Ahhh- lemons!

California top grower in US - US total production in California 1 carton equals 40 pounds
California 39 million (down 3 million cartons from 2010-2011)
Arizona 1.4 million cartons

$348 million crop 2009-2012 46,000 - 50,000 acres grown

Comparison 2011 -2012

Lemons - 39 million cartons; oranges - 115 million cartons; mandarins 20.6 million cartons; grapefruit 6.6 million cartons

Lemons - The lemon forecast is 39.0 million cartons (780 thousand
tons), 7 percent below last season's final production and 3 percent
below the October forecast. Harvest continued in California's desert
region as well as the San Joaquin Valley.

Lemons throughout California

Chula Vista Lemon Festival August 12, 2012
11am - 7pm
Third Avenue, between E Street and Roosevelt Street
Chula Vista, CA

Lemon Festival Highlights
The Lemon Festival celebrates the heritage of Chula Vista as the city was once self-proclaimed "Lemon Capital of the World" in the 1920's.

California Lemon Festival Oct. 13-14, 2012 Girsh Park Goleta

Upland Lemon Festival in April

Corona Heritage Park and Museum

For many early years, Corona's growth came in part through the climatic hospitality and agricultural fame of lemons and other citrus fruits. The height of production was in 1935 where 2,406 acres of lemon groves were harvested, filling 1,138 railroad cars for delivery to market. Corona became part of history as The Lemon Capitol of the World.

Tree Tour
Discover interesting facts on the park's wide variety of mature specimen trees from around the world. Walk through a producing lemon grove and learn how Corona was once famous as The Lemon Capital of the World.

Specimen Citrus Grove

A now mature, half-acre specimen grove of 80 Eureka lemon trees was planted on the park site in 2000. The grove is regularly used for horticultural and entomological field trips for local schools.
Corona Heritage Foundation
510 West Foothill Parkway
Corona, CA 92882

Santa Paula

Best known as the Citrus Capital of the World because of its expansive lemon and orange orchards
45th Annual Citrus Festival Santa Paula
Friday, 5pm-midnight (12am)
Saturday, noon
Sunday, noon (12pm)- midnight

Carnival rides are a separate cost
FREE Event Shuttle!

Santa Paula - Today, Limoneira maintains a demonstration orchard of over 300 citrus varieties on Limoneira Ranch property in Santa Paula. They partner with the University of California's Agriculture and Natural Resources Program to further agriculture's forward momentum, and they work with leading partners in our Northern and Southern farming operations to grow, harvest and pack efficiently and sustainability.

Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways. Limoneira's Mediterranean style packing house built in the 1920's received recognition for its classic design from the Southern California Chapter of the American Institute of Architects in the early twentieth century. After all these years, it still operates at peak performance. 1,870 acres of lemons throughout California, Limoneira is one of the largest lemon producers in North America. 119 years of operation

Lemon sources:

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