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Belmont Shore Bulldog Contest

LONG BEACH, CALIF. Haute Dog Bulldog Beauty Contest TENTATIVE: February 12, 2022, 10 a.m.

Marine Stadium, 5225 E. Paoli Way, Long Beach, CA

Registration: Approx. Cost: $10 per dog per contest pre-registration, $20 day of event on location. Sign up at:


  • Best Dog with a Disability
    all breeds/mixes; i.e. blind, deaf, wheelchaired, three-legged, etc.
  • English Bulldog Beauty Contest
  • Best Senior Dog
    all breeds/mixes, ages 7+
  • Best Young Dog
    12 weeks to 1 year; all breeds/mixes
  • Most Handsome Dog
    all male dogs; all mixes/breeds
  • Prettiest Dog
    all female dogs; all mixes/breeds
  • French Bulldog Beauty Contest
  • Cutest Dog
    all breeds/mixes
  • Best Costume/Outfit on a dog
    all breeds/mixes
  • National Mutt Show
    any mixed breed
  • Best Smile
    all breeds/mixes
  • Best in Show
    all breeds/mixes
  • Best Legs
    all breeds/mixes
  • Best Small Dog
    20 lbs. or less and /or shorter than 16 inches; no puppies
  • Best Large Dog
    generally 60+ lbs.
  • Most Photogenic
    all breeds/mixes
  • Best Ears
    all breeds/mixes
  • Best Butt
    all breeds/mixes
  • Best Tail
    all breeds/mixes

Photo: Justin Rudd (white t-shirt) has brought incredible joy and love to Long Beach ever since he landed on its shore in 1995. His Annual Bulldog Beauty Contest is just one of his "loves".

If you live in Long Beach, California, you probably recognize the name Justin Rudd. He started a grassroots movement that culminated in the founding of Rosie's Dog Beach, and formed a non-profit organization that puts on approx. 38 events per year, many of them promoting animal causes. A Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade, Blessing of the Pets and Bulldog Beauty Contest are favorites. In addition, Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, Family Fun Ride, National Adult Spelling Bee, 30 Minute Beach Cleanup, Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest, and many other events keep the Alabama native busy and the public entertained. People travel hundreds of miles and come from other states to participate in some of his events that have been featured on the Tonight show with Jay Leno, national network news and a variety of magazines and TV shows.

Justin Rudd is a special person who shares his contagious passion for having fun with his partner, Ralph, his bulldog pets, and thousands of people who come to celebrate the many events that this energetic guy has created or taken on, including the Long Beach Beauty Pageant for young women.

Events are not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to confirm before going.

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