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Long Beach Funk Fest No Funk Fest held for several years since 2014

Long Beach Funk Fest

Long Beach, CA

ATTRACTION: Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach is one of the nation's premier ocean aquariums. Don't stand in line and wait! Get your tickets here!

Previous event info:

Long Beach Funk Festival features 8 funk bands ranging from legendary artists to newer up-and-coming bands. Checkout the solar power stages, art, vendors, dancers, kid's zone, and more.

Where: Downtown Long Beach near the intersection of Pine Ave. and Broadway
Nearby Metro Rail: Blue Line Transit Mall Station

Festival admission is free.

The LB Funk Fest will take place right in the middle of downtown Long Beach, near the intersection of Pine Ave. and Broadway. Funk Fest is designed to bring the funk music community together and invoke the spirit of the great 70"ēs funk fests. Much in the way jazz and blues are considered American art forms, funk is American music too, and has influenced countless other genres, musicians, and people around the world. The Long Beach Funk Fest is a green-driven festival, involving green sponsors and educating in ways to live with less impact on the environment (

Events are not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to confirm before going.

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